I Met a Human Being

WORK IN THE PRODUCTION| 70 min. | Documentary | Lithuania Looking for Sales Agent, Gap Financing
This is a story about the Lithuanian photographer Artūras Morozovas (39) and the people he meets – some of them live in Lithuania, unable to adapt to the changing society after the collapse of the Soviet Union, while others live in Georgia and Ukraine and are now fighting the Russian occupation. All of them are united by vulnerability, which Artūras, being an extremely empathetic photographer, explores through his photographs. The film reveals three stories of the vulnarable Lithuanian people photographed by Artūras– farm worker and a poet Česlovas (65) who sends his poetry via SMS on his old school typing keyboard mobile phone, a disabled, single, three children mother Rita (35), who lost her husband due to suicide, and Danutė (85) - lonely former geographer who lives in the woods. While wandering around Lithuania and thinking of social isolation as the result of the occupation of the Soviet Union, Artūras remembers the lonely people on the battlefield of Ukraine and Georgia, who now remain in photographs and scenes filmed by him. Despite the desire to remain impartial and objective, a very close bond develops between the photographer and his characters. Meeting with the vulnerable people makes Artūras question how much of their life is ethical to show? The more closer the photographer gets to the characters, the more ethical dilemmas he faces.
Director: Gailė GarnelytėProducer: Akvilė Žilionytė-KhanCinematographers: Povilas Baltinas, Jaunius SarapinasSound: Justas Levickas, Laurynas KamarauskasSound designer: Laurynas KamarauskasProduction: Artišokai (LT)With Contribution And Support From: Lithuanian Film Center (LT), LATGA (LT)