15 min. | Fiction | Lithuania, Bangladesh Looking for Co-Producers, Sales Agents, Gap Financing, Film Festivals
Abdul is an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant in Paris. He is living his life without any connection to his past but one incident of selling roses brings back all the memories he left behind in Dhaka. Dhaka memories start endlessly spinning  in his head.It’s a dizzying visual story without dialogues. Film combines fiction and nonfiction elements, exploring trauma from living in violent and not liveable cities, dream worlds with strong political contexts. 
Director: Nuruzzaman KhanWriters: Nuruzzaman Khan and Akvilė ŽilionytėProducer: Akvilė ŽilionytėMain cast: Maznun Mizan, Joyita, Faria and Dalia JuodakytėProduction: Artišokai (LT)