Danas Aleksa | 2018 | Titanikas Art Gallery, Vilnius
"This exhibition is about sinking ships and grassy garages. Probably the first thing I carved when I was a child was a boat made of pine bark. My first art studio became a metal garage in the outskirts of Vilnius. Shipbuilding affairs ended with childhood, but it seems that I am left forever in the garages full of my artworks. Most likely, this sculpture reminiscent of a ship is a tribute to all those unbuilt ships, and perhaps it is a monument to the grass-covered museums in the outskirts of Vilnius with full works of art." - Danas Aleksa
Danas Aleksa belongs to a bright group of Lithuanian sculptors who are successfully trying to revise and return the sculptor’s specialty to the context of contemporary art. Danas Aleksa often bases his works on the use of secondary raw materials, but for him it is not only the material that offers his meta-texts, but the most important issue in the object of research. One such project, which continues the line of the garage as a sculpture and as a historical object, is the exhibition “Titanic”, which already offers to rethink the links or paradigms of the logistics of works of art, gallery spaces, past and present, professional art and garage subculture.For Danas Aleksa physical creation of the sculptures are very important, visible or inferred by the viewer. This time it is hanging garages weighing 2.5 tons in the ceiling of the exhibition hall "Titanic".
Curator: Aistė KisarauskaitėProduction: Artišokai (LT)Funded by: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Vilnius City Council
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