The Last Sculpture S355JR

Danas Aleksa | 2019 | Titanikas Art Gallery, Vilnius
"When sculptors meet, they chat about field boulders, diamond blades, bronze shades, steel thickness, Finnish axes, Chinese snow; they compare Alpine straw with reed in Juodkrantė; tell one another about overfull workshops and share dreams of what they should look like: the width, height, properly falling light, three-phase inlet." - Danas Aleksa
Exactly a year ago in August in 2018 in the exhibition hall "Titanikas" at Vilnius Academy of Arts Danas Aleksa exhibited an object, a space -hung, 2,5 tonne garage. As the curator Aistė Kisarauskaitė said at the time, by expressing a garage as a sculpture and as a historical object the artist suggested rethinking the links of paradigms of art logistics, gallery spaces, of past and present, of professional art and garage subculture.
S355JR is a code of steel brand in the GOST standards system.
The exhibition is a coherent continuation of the idea. In a rented garage Danas Aleksa melted the tin plates of the previously exhibited space- hung garage called "Titanic" into several pieces of metal. "The essence of the idea", according to the author, "is to fit the artwork then exhibited in the least possible volume."
Funded by: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Vilnius City CouncilPhotos by: Laurynas Skeisgiela